Each exhibitor shall be responsible for carrying out customs formalities in connection with equipment and products originating from abroad. The Organizer shall not be held liable for any problems that may arise in connection with such formalities. Therefore, the exhibitor shall hold the Organizer harmless against any actions and/or claims in this respect and shall indemnify the Organizer for any damage sustained by the latter on account of a breach of the requisite customs formalities.

Shipping to Panama:

  • Exhibitors can select ANY shipping company to ship their items to Panama.
  • ALL Items MUST go through the expo customs broker: Arturo Arauz, S.A. who will arrange delivery to ATLAPA.
  • By Ocean: Port of Balboa, Panama.
  • By Air: Tocumen International Airport.

Receiving Shipments in Panama:

  • By Air: We recommend you ship your items at least 2 weeks before the installation dates.
  • By Ocean: Please contact Arturo Arauz, S.A. for the transit time required.
  • Once in Panama your shipment will be cleared and stored by Arturo Arauz, S.A. for delivery to your booth in ATLAPA.
  • There is a charge for the services of the customs broker Arturo Arauz, S.A., please contact them below for detailed pricing based on the items you are shipping.
  • Mark your boxes with the following information:
Arturo Araúz
Agent: Lic. Rosa María Ortega
Vía España, Edificio Orión, Primer Piso, Oficina Nº 1-A
Panamá, Rep. de PanamáEMAIL:
(CC to): arturob@arturoarauz.comTEL: +507-264-2210
FAX: +507-263-5989

For shipping
instructions and pricing
please contact Arturo Arauz
and/or Rosa Ortega.


  • We offer exhibitors FREE storage of boxed items in the shipment receiving area of ATLAPA Convention Center (called “Puerta 24”) from November 13-18, 2017.
    • All items MUST:
      • Be in pallets, boxes or crates.
      • Have proper labeling. For a copy of the labels visit ► EXHIBITOR ► SHIPPING.
Bringing samples with you for the Expo as carry-on or checked-in luggage into the airport will create delays at the airport. You may do so, but the process is complicated.

  • Customs of Panama and the expo customs agent Arturo Arauz S.A. recommends exhibitors ship their items through DHL, FEDEX, or UPS to avoid delays at the airport when bringing the items with you as carry-on.
  • If you bring items with you please be prepared with the following:
    • Please bring with you a commercial invoice of your items to present to customs upon arrival in the airport in Panama.
      • **State on the invoice that the “Items are not for re-sale. For promotional use only / Los productos no son para reventa. Para uso promocional solamente.” **
    • Send your arrival information to Arturo Arauz (customs broker) for airport assistance. Note there is a charge for all their services, contact them directly for details.
    • If your flight arrives after 9:00 PM your merchandise will have to remain in the airport until the next day.
    • If you pay customs duties on your merchandise you will be allowed to take the merchandise where you choose while in Panama.
    • If you do not pay the customs duties/taxes then a customs agent must accompany you to the ATLAPA Convention Center. The merchandise is not allowed to leave the ATLAPA Convention Center unless duties are paid at the airport or at the convention center.

Boxes to be returned at show end:

  • Exhibitors are able to store empty boxes (if properly labeled) at the shipment receiving area of the ATLAPA Convention Center (called “Puerta 24”) from November 13-18, 2017.
  • Expo staff will return empty boxes to exhibitors at the show end (November 18, 2017 beginning at 4:00 PM) for your post-show packing and shipping needs.
  • All items MUST:
    • Be in pallets, boxes or crates.
    • Have proper labeling. For a copy of the labels visit EXHIBITOR SHIPPING.

Contact your shipping/customs broker directly with any questions or requirements about shipments.